Discovering the real Florida on the Space Coast

Discovering the real Florida on the Space Coast

Across the world, Florida is known for top tourist attractions and sprawling communities. However, when you explore winding trails and backroads beyond these destinations, you will discover what many call “the real Florida.” A landscape of nature and waterways, the real Florida is a wonder worth exploring and with 72 miles of East Coast, there are hidden gems from north to south on Florida’s Space Coast to uncover. 


Florida is one of the top spots in the world to witness one of nature’s greatest light shows. Bioluminescence, a production of light from a living organism, turns the waters of the Indian River Lagoon into a glowing masterpiece. In the summer nights on the Space Coast, local kayaking tours offer nightly trips to explore, and play, with this natural wonder. This is one of those bucket-list items the Space Coast makes easy to check off your list.  


Near the border of the Space Coast and Indian River county line lies one of the world’s top destinations for bass fishing. The Stick Marsh, a 6,500-acre impoundment created in 1987, has been a fisherman’s dream for pulling monsters for decades. Plus, with the Bass Pro Stick Marsh Outpost down the road in Palm Bay, you’ll be fully equipped to reel that trophy catch in. 


From wetlands to scrubs to winding boardwalks alongside creeks, Florida’s Space Coast’s trails offer something for everyone. From biking, hiking, running or just taking a leisurely stroll to take in all the views, the trail life on Florida’s Space Coast will not disappoint. 


The real Florida provides the ideal setting for year-long camping, and the Space Coast offers unique spots to pitch a tent or park the RV. Long Point Park, an 84.5 acre conservation area on an island near Sebastian Inlet provides lagoon-front camping where you can launch your kayak right from your site to explore miles of waterway. Jetty Park on the north side of the county is a one-of-a-kind camping destination. Like many campgrounds, you can view Florida nature all around. However, with Jetty Park’s ideal location on the Atlantic Ocean at Port Canaveral, many visitors can expect to see major cruise lines passing by, submarines coming into Port, rocket boosters returning from their ocean landing and a view of rocket launches and landings that are out of this world.