Vaya Space Dauntless

  • Height: 35M
  • Payload Capacity:
  • 610 KG SSO, 500 KM
  • 1000 KG LEO, 200 KM

Dirty Oar Hey Buddy Golden Ale

  • Style: Golden Ale
  • ABV: 5.1%
  • IBU: 11

Space Coast local, Vaya Space, is launching to new heights with a technology to place SmallSats into orbit sooner. Vaya Space keeps its headquarters in the heart of Cocoa Village, only steps away from the Dirty Oar Beer Company with their wide selection of crafted beers on their taproom menu, a taproom which immediately welcomes you with a friendly atmosphere. This local duo is a perfect pairing for Dirty Oar’s Hey Buddy, a yellow, fizzy beverage perfect for those sunny Florida days backdropped by historic launches.

Space Coast History of Vaya Space

Led by Commander of STS-59, and the first Hispanic of any nation to command any space mission, Sid Gutierrez, Vaya Space will revolutionize access to space to make it available to the rapidly growing small satellite market by developing Dauntless, the world’s first mass-producible, ‘launch-on-demand’ small satellite launcher from their headquarters in Cocoa, Florida.

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