Astra Rocket 3

  • Height: 38 ft
  • Payload Capacity: 55-331 lb
  • Thrust: 6,240 lbf total 

Charlie & Jakes Brewery Grille Wickham Wheat Ale

  • Style: American Wheat Ale 
  • ABV: 5.2%

Astra’s Rocket 3 small satellite launch vehicle makes space more accessible, offering the lowest cost-per-launch orbital service in the world. This small but mighty rocket pairs perfectly with Charlie & Jakes Wickham Wheat Ale. A long-time local favorite, Wickham Wheat Ale with its yellow-gold body offering hints of Cascade and Fuggle hops is light and refreshing, just as the Rocket 3, one of the lightest launch vehicles in the nation.

Space Coast History of Astra

Astra’s mission is to Improve Life on Earth from Space™ by creating a healthier and more connected planet. Astra offers the lowest cost-per-launch dedicated orbital launch service of any operational launch provider in the world. In 2021 the EDC of Florida’s Space Coast shared the news that Astra would begin operating out of Cape Canaveral, Florida, launching its Rocket 3 vehicle. Astra and Space Launch Delta 45, a part of the United States Space Force, enabled Astra to launch out of Cape Canaveral in record time – shortening the multi-year approval time to months.

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